Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Photography Gear

This is a full list of all my photography gear, I will try my best to keep it up to date as I buy and sell various things

Camera Body
Pentax Lenses
  • Pentax SMC DA 18-55mm AL II f3.5-5.6
  • Pentax SMC A 50mm f1.7
  • Pentax SMC M 50mm f1.7 (has fungus)
  • Pentax SMC M 28mm f2.8
  • Pentax SMC FA 100-300mm f4.7-5.8
Russian Lenses
  • Mir 1 37mm f2.8 M42 - SOLD
  • Helios 44-2 58mm f2.0 M42 - SOLD
  • Jupiter 9 85mm f2.0 M42
  • Tair 11-A 135mm f2.8 M42
  • Sigma 10-20mm f4.0-5.6 (enroute from ebay!)
  • Tamron 17-50mm f2.8
  • Hanimar 135mm f2.8 M42 (for sale)
  • Soligor 135mm f3.5 M42 (for sale)
  • Vivitar 135mm f3.5 M42 (for sale)
  • Pentacon 30mm f3.5 M42 (for sale)
  • Vivitar 35mm f3.5 M42 (loose rear elements, its my paper weight)
Lens Accessories
  • Quantaray 2x AF Teleconverter (with Powerzoon contacts, may work with SDM - yet to be tested!)
  • Vivitar Auto Teleconverter 2x-22 (allows wide open focusing but has no contacts and no autofocus) (for sale)
  • Vivitar Auto Extension Tubes AT-22 (allows wide open focusing but has no contacts and no autofocus)
  • 49mm Hoya 3 position rubber hood
  • 58mm black metal hood - bought from ebay (for FA 100-300)
  • Lens cleaning brush
  • Lens Cleaning tissues
  • Lens cleaning cloths (lots of these) - 3 packs are available from DealExtreme
  • Giottos Rocket Blower Medium
  • 67mm -> 77mm filter step up ring (allows 77mm filter on a 67mm threaded lens)
Lens Filters
  • 49mm Cokin CPL
  • 49mm UV x3 (came with various lenses)
  • 49mm Blue
  • 49mm Hoya Star Six
  • 49mm Hoya Centre Spot (blurs out the edges, leaving only the centre of the image clear)
  • 52mm Kenko MC CPL
  • 52mm Hoya R72 Infrared
  • 52mm Hoya NDX400 (9 stop ND filter)
  • 52mm IR720 as mentioned here
  • 52mm ND400 as mentioned here
  • 62mm Kenko MC CPL (for sale)
  • 62mm Kenko MC UV (for sale)
  • 67mm Kenko PRO1 Digital Protector
  • 67mm Kenko PRO1 Digital CPL (enroute)
  • 77mm IR720 (enroute)
  • 77mm Kenko MC CPL (enroute)
Cokin P Filters and Accessories
  • Chinese copy 3 slot Cokin P holder
  • 52mm adapter
  • 49mm adapter
  • TianYa ND8 filter
  • TianYa ND8 grad filter (soft graduation)
  • TianYa Sunset (orange grad) filter
Flashes and Accessories
  • Sunpak Auto 200 flash (part of Dad's gear, unsafe for DSLR hot shoe mounting)
  • Optical Trigger
  • Hand made diffuser using cardboard, alfoil and plain white paper
Other Accessories
  • Cable Release Remote - bought from DealExtreme
  • IR Push Button Remote - bought from DealExtreme
  • 3 axis hotshoe mounted bubble level - bought from DealExtreme
  • Pentax D-BG3 battery grip for K200D
  • Slik 500 Pro DX w Head


  1. You sure have lots of gear. Though I don't have a list of the smaller items such as filters, etc... It would be interesting to read any kind of reasoning as to why you decided to acquire any of the larger items such as lenses or flash.

  2. The flash was a very old one my Dad had in the cupboard, its nothing too fancy, and was free :)

    The lenses though, I just enjoy playing with different lenses, trying to find the ones I like. So far the SMC A 50mm f1.7, Helios 44-2, Tair-11a and SMC M 28mm f2.8 are my favourites. I am trying to get rid of some of the others I dont use.

    Many of the filters have just been acquired with lens purchases.

  3. Am I correct in assuming all of the listed items are still for sale?

    I am interested in the Tair 11-A 135mm f2.8 M42.

    Oh ok hang on there is (for sale) written next to some of them! Sorry my bad! lol

    How about these?

    # Hanimar 135mm f2.8 M42 (for sale)
    # Soligor 135mm f3.5 M42 (for sale)
    # Vivitar 135mm f3.5 M42 (for sale)