Monday, March 15, 2010

Project 52 - #9 - Old Customs House

Old Customs House
Originally uploaded by jezza323
This is a shot of the Old Customs House in Brisbane. This is the view from the Brisbane Riverwalk.

This shot is another HDR Panorama, this time blended at stitched from 12 photos. It is stitched from 4 HDR images in a 2x2 layout using Autopano Giga, and each HDR image was shot at +/- 2.0 EV and then blended using Photomatix with the Batch Processing function, using Details Enhancer for Tone Mapping.

Shooting and Processing
  • Shot all 12 photos in Pentax RAW (PEF), 4 lots of +/- 2.0 EV brackets
  • Imported all images from memory card using Lightroom 2.5
  • Exported all 12 photos to a new subfolder as 1bit TIFF files
  • Opened Photomatix and ran Batch Process over the new subfolder
  • Opened Autopano and selected the 4 resulting TIFF HDR images to stitch
  • Rendered the created panorama to another 16-bit TIFF
  • Imported final TIFF into Lightroom 2.5
  • Edited white balance (its a hard one because the Riverwalk is lit with different colour lights to the lights on Customs House and cropped image
  • Exported to JPG for Web

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